What does the USB cable surface marking mean?

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Each year millions of feet of wire and cable are installed in all types of buildings and for use in many different environmental conditions. Because of the choices available, it is important to know which wiring systems are suitable for a specific situation. It is also important to be able to properly identify these systems.

We can often see the surface marking on the USB cable in daily life. Let's briefly introduce the meaning of the marking content.


Marking Content:E229234 兄 AWM STYLE 2725 80℃ 30V VW-1 JUNJIAN 兄 AWM Ⅰ/Ⅱ A 80℃ 30V USB Revision 2.0

1.E229234:Manufacturer's UL certification number.
2.兄:UL Recognition mark.

3. AWM Style: Appliance Wiring Material.
4.2725:UL2725, Refers to the types of cable.

5.80℃:Rated temperature.
6.30V: Rated voltage.
7.VW-1:UL vertical flame test rating.
8. JUNJIAN: Manufacturer(company name).
9.AWM Ⅰ/Ⅱ:Internal/external(Ⅰ=Internal wiring of electronics equipment, Ⅱ=external wiring of electronics equipment ).
10.A: Electronics (A=Electronics, B=Appliances).
11.FT1:CSA Vertical flame test rating.
12.USB Revision 2.0:USB2.0 Specification.


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