SONY USB Type-C Cable UCB32 Teardown

What does the USB cable surface marking mean?
8月 12, 2022

Few month ago, we got a Sony USB-C to USB-C cable, we gonna tear it down today.

The cable weight is about 41g.

According to the official website specification, the sony USB C cable support High-speed data transfer at up to 5Gbps(usb3.1 gen1), and high power charging at Up to 20.0V /3.0A output, the cable jacket used TPE and passed the VW-1 flame test rating.

1.Product Appearance
We test this cable by the current tester, it builds in an eMarker chip and supports USB3.1 Gen1 data transfer and 3A current rating.

There is a "SONY" logo on the USB Type C connector overmold, and the USB-C plug used stamp seam type.

On the back side of the connector, It is a usb2.0 logo.

At the other end of this cable, there is a "CE" logo on the USB Type C connector overmold, which means this cable is CE approved.

On the back side of this connector, there is a "WEEE" marking(Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment), In the EU, this symbol indicates that when the user intends to discard this product it must be taken to an appropriate facility for recovery and recycling.

2.Product Teardown.

After cutting the cable, we can clearly see the cross section of the cable.
Then, we strip the outer TPE jacket and open the spiral shield and foil shield, we can see the inner structure of the cable.

Compare to the Full-featured USB3.2 and 2.0 Type-C cable wiring table, we found that the Sony USB C to USB C cable is a USB Full-Featured Type-C cable.

Next, we use a knife to open the USB-C connector

The USB-C circuit board is protected by the metal protective shell with laser welding workmanship.

Remove the covered metal shell, and clear the black plastic, there is only a capacitor on the circuit board.

On the back side of the board, there are no electronic components on the PCB.

We disassemble another type c connector with the same method.

There is a chip and 4 capacitors on the Type-C circuit board.

Enlarge the chip photo, the chip printed "CPD2103B 719 0963", It is a PD eMarker from Cypress semiconductor.

3.Teardown Summary
3.1.The Sony Type-C Cable UCB32 has a good build quality, is safety tested and thermal protected, high power charging Up to 20.0V /3.0A output.
3.2.The cable builds in Cypress CPD2103 PD eMarker chip, according to the official specification and eMaker information. It only supports data transfer at up to 5Gbps(usb3.1 gen1), but according to our teardown and test, the cable is a full-featured USB3.2 Type-C cable and supports data transfer at up to 10Gbps(usb3.2 gen2).


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