How to Choose USB Type-C Cable?

USB C Cable
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8月 21, 2017
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12月 11, 2017

As Type-c interfaces are widely being used in a variety of digital devices, the demand for Type-C cables is growing. Same with previous generations of data interfaces, Type-C also has both data and current transfer functions, as a consumer, how do we choose a good quality and safe type-c data cable? Here to bring you some identification methods and skills.

First of all, we have to make sure that the type-c data cables are safe and stable will not burn your equipment, The Google engineer Benson Leung found that some of the wire on the market did not follow the specification, even burn his google pixel c device, using a 10K pull-up resistor. these poor-quality cables fool the phone into thinking that it's connected to a 3-amp- capable power source, like the C-to-C cable to the OEM 3A charger that ships with the Nexus 6P/5X. The phone will attempt to draw 3A, but that may damage the weaker device you have the Type-A end of the cable plugged into.

The safe USB Type-C cable should use 56k pull-up resistor, So that the device correctly identifies the connected charging device as a conventional device, thereby adjusting the charging current to a 1.5A or 2.4A current that the device can accept.

Make sure cable is safe

1.CheckR App

2.Current Monitor App

3.Test Type-C Connector CC Pin Pull-up Resistor


Next, we identify USB Type-C Cables quality from other aspects.

USB Type-C Connector Shell

There are 2 kinds of workmanship USB Type-C Connector Shell, one is stamping type seam connector shell, bend a piece of iron, stitch together, there is a seam at the junction. another is drawing type seamless connector shell, The shape of the interface is formed by stretching and pressing. Photo.

What’s the difference of this 2 kind design?


The drawing type seamless connector shell stronger than the seam one, the seamless shell is not easy to be crushed.(PS: but the seamless connector cost is more expensive)