How to repair magsafe power adapter

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12月 11, 2017
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If your MagSafe power adapter no longer charges or the MagSafe cord connector led partially functioning, you can use this tutorial connect new MagSafe replacement cable.

Tools Required:

Needle-nose pliers

Soldering iron

Heavy Duty Muslin Clamps

Super Glue

Tin Wire

Desoldering pump/Desoldering braid (optional)

Magsafe Replacement power cable

Step 1

  • Open the MagSafe power adapter.
  • Heat the power adapter's plastic casing with hair dryer, in order to weaken the adhesive, this will make it easier to pry the case open.
  • Insert your needle-nose pliers and pry slowly.(Make sure pliers seated in the inside corners, or you may injure yourself or damage the case.)
  • Do the same on the other side and work slowly.

Step 2

  • Open the cover case by hand with some force.
  • The corner pieces inside the winding flaps, with their flat metal springs, may come loose as well: note their arrangement with springs pointing toward the cable, for reinstallation later.

Step 3

  • Carefully remove the other half case by pry tool.
  • Make sure the power adapter discharged more than few days, or you may receive an electronic shock capacitor leads when you touch the board.

Step 4

  • Find the cable leads connection, create enough work space to solder(sometimes you need open the cover aluminum foil).

Step 5

  • Make sure you note the position of the positive and negative terminals, or you can take a photo.
  • Desolder the cable from the main board (Tips: if desolder is very hard, you can use some new tin solder on your soldering iron to melt it or use desoldering braid).
  • Take out the cable leads by piler when the tin terminals melt, be careful! don't touch main board other components.

Step 6

Step 7

  • Carefully put the power assembly back in first half of the casing.
  • Place the cable grommet in the proper position in the casing.
  • Put the cord winding flappers back in position.

Step 8

  • Put some super glue on the cover, clamp the case together. We suggest you use tape to hold the case together,it's much easy to open if you wanna do it again someday.